Tuesday, December 22, 2009

lack of progress

There isn't much going on these days. Well, there is a ton going on, cause it's Christmas time and there are presents to buy and wrap and candy to make and movies to watch. But there's nothing going on adoption-wise. In my fantasies, I would have gotten a call to come pick up a baby to have by Christmas, but that hasn't happened. Nope. No phone calls.

This time of year is harder for waiting parents, I think. We get those cute Christmas cards in the mail with family pictures, and while I enjoy seeing how everyone has grown, it just makes me want to have a cute family picture of my own to send out. It's not the most Christian thing to be jealous, but it's how I feel sometimes. It's just hard. I think I've said that before. And now I'm saying it over and over and over.

Yes, I'm whining. It'll be over soon.

Anyway, I plan on using my break to rest my brain. It's been overloaded as of late, and I just need to let some things go.

I'm sorry that I don't have much to update. There just isn't much to say, but I like to keep posting so everyone knows the progress. Or lack of progress.


Maria T said...

Don't you wish there was an adoption form of Pitosin to get things moving? Sorry such a long labor....it certainly seems longer during the holidays.

marge said...

waiting is the hardest. we are dealing with drama of our own down here, and man has it kept us busy. i am so ready for this to be over! i just want our child to be ours and be done with everyone telling us where to be, when, and how. hang in there! Christmas will be over before you know it and then there'll be news