Thursday, March 5, 2009

a quick update

Just wanted to do a quick update on the adoption process. Not much is going on right now. We had to work on a 45 page form for the HomeStudy and I had finished all my answers and it was ready for Charlie. Then our social worker emailed us and told us that the state had updated the form and she needed to send us a new one.


So we started over. Charlie blessedly transferred my answers to the new form and answered his portion, but there are some new questions we have to answer together. And the questions cover so much about our lives and views on parenting. I think I gave you a sampling of them before, but it covers EVERYTHING in our lives, childhoods, marriage, etc.

Now we will turn this in and a couple other forms, then we get to make an appointment with the social worker. That will be nerve racking, I'm sure. After that, we will be on the list.

And then we wait.


Foster Family said...

Sometimes I wish Dennis and I had a questionnaire to help us learn about our parenting styles as we clash heads so much it seems.